New Researcher-Vetted, Student-Created Infographics Available

Man points at infographic hanging on the wall at the UBC Learning Exchange.

A visitor to the UBC Learning Exchange points at an infographic hanging on the wall. Photo by Paul Joseph.

UBC students in the ASTU 100 class have created four new infographics that summarize research related to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. They are all now available via the Downtown Eastside Research Access portal.

This year’s infographics summarize the following topics

1. How and why the Vancouver Police Department’s recent reports misrepresent mental illness and addiction as social dangers, based on work by Jade Boyd, Susan Boyd, and Thomas Kerr. View full article and infographic.

2. How public spaces in the DTES like parks and alleyways are stigmatized as dangerous, but perceived quite differently by residents, based on research led by Andrew Ivsins and the Vancouver Area Network Drug Users (VANDU). View full article and infographic.

3. How DTES cyclist needs are not met in an officially pro-cycling city, based on an article by Jeannette Steinmann and Brian Wilson. View full article and infographic.

Find out more about this innovative collaboration between students, researchers, librarians on the UBC Learning Exchange website.

Or view all infographics in the DTES RAP.