Directory of Researchers


Here are some academic researchers and students whose studies are connected to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). You can learn more about the DTES neighborhood and its history here.

Everyone in this directory has volunteered to share their contact information, and to provide more information about themselves and their work. We hope this page will highlight researchers with experience working in the DTES, make it easier for researchers and community members to connect with each other, and facilitate community-university collaborations.

If you have questions about contacting people listed in the directory, please email Heather Holroyd at

If you are an academic researcher or student and would like to join the directory, please email

As this page is a new feature of the Research Access Portal we also welcome your ideas about how we can make it relevant to you and the people you work with; please email us your thoughts at

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Skye Barbic

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Medicine
Centre For Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences (CHEOS)
University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus)

Francine Darroch

Assistant Professor at Carleton University; Affiliate Professor UBC School of Nursing
Department of Health Sciences, Carleton University; School of Nursing, University of British Columbia
Carleton University, University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus)

Andy (Andrew) Day

Operations Director, Vancouver Community & Program Lead for Primary Care
Vancouver Coastal Health

Penelope Gurstein

Faculty of Applied Science
School of Community and Regional Planning,
University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus)

Thomas Kerr

Faculty of Medicine
Department of Medicine
University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus)

Andrea Krüsi

Assistant Professor
Faculty of Medicine
Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity
University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus)
Criminalization and policing, sex work, community-based participatory research, qualitative and mixed methods research, incarceration experiences

Scott Neufeld (He/Him/His)

Lecturer, Community Psychology
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Psychology
Brock University
Community-based participatory research, prejudice/stigma, politics of social representations, collective action/resistance, construction of collective identities, NIMBYism, social identity theory

Lyana Patrick

Assistant Professor
Indigenous Peoples
Faculty of Health Sciences
Simon Fraser University

Chris Richardson (He/Him/His)

Research Associate / Scientist
Substance Use, Youth and Young Adults, Indigenous Peoples, Health and Wellbeing
School of Population and Public Health / St. Paul's Hospital
University of British Columbia / Centre for Health Evaluation and Outcome Sciences
Incarcerated men, men’s health, mental health, trauma, resilience, health literacy, prison health, stigma, community-based participatory research, e-mental health

Lindsey Richardson (She/Her/Hers)

Associate Professor
Faculty of Arts
Department of Sociology
University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus)

Colleen Varcoe

School of Nursing
University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus)

Ellen R. Wiebe

Clinical Professor
Faculty of Medicine
Family Practice
University of British Columbia