New help videos for using the RAP

Emma Moros
Community-Based Research Assistant, UBC Learning Exchange
MASLIS candidate, UBC iSchool

Do you want to learn more about finding and using content in the Research Access Portal? We recently added some explainer videos on our Help Page that show how to search in different ways and navigate through the site.

First, you can learn the basics of searching on the RAP.

Then, you can learn about what you see when you get your search results.

Next, you can move on to filtering what you find to zoom in on certain types of results.

And you can do advanced searches for even more targeted results.

Learn about browsing the RAP by topic, which lets you quickly scan information related to broad topics.

And then once you’ve found something, learn about how to view and download items.

Lastly, you can learn about how to get in touch with researchers and learn about current projects by visiting the Projects and Directory pages.

And remember, these videos can be a good starting point, but if you ever need support using the RAP, you can always email us for free help at