Research Projects


Transformative Health and Justice Research Cluster (THJRC)

Status: Active

Project Lead: Helen Brown, Amanda Slaunwhite

Other: Samantha Young, THJRC Project Coordinator

People who face structural barriers to health and social equity are disproportionately engaged with and impacted by the criminal justice system (CJS). Many often experience complex co-occurring challenges, such as low educational attainment, food and housing insecurity, unemployment, and substance use. In Canada, while more research is needed to address health and social outcomes in correctional institutions, there is an even greater need to study the compounding and intersecting inequities beyond the institutional context, including injustices and barriers to health and social wellbeing that result in criminal justice involvement, and intergenerational impacts on families and communities.

The Transformative Health and Justice Research Cluster (THJRC) is using trans-disciplinary, inter-sectoral, and cross-social, participatory, arts- and strengths-based approaches that center people with lived experience of incarceration to catalyze research activities and policy engagement.