Research Projects


Assessing Economic Transitions Study (ASSETS)

Status: Active

Project Lead: Lindsey Richardson

The Assessing Economic Transitions Study (ASSETS) was a study seeking to learn more about the experience of people who are training or working in the community and the different kinds of services they participate in to develop skills and make money.
The study aimed to recruit 250 participants from different services that train or employ people who might otherwise have challenges getting a job. Participants were asked to take part in four interviews per year for three years. Each interview asked questions about their health and well-being, and their experiences making money and working, using drugs or alcohol, and accessing different services. The first interview was the longest one (it can take up to 2 hours) and each interview after that took about an hour. The goal of the study is to create better polices and services for people who want access to training and work opportunities that may lead to other jobs in the future.